About SKS

Service Konstruction Supply, Inc. has been providing hardscape material solutions to the construction industry through the use of innovative, state of the art products since our company’s inception in 1987.  Service Konstruction Supply not only provides the highest quality products, but also offers the most knowledgeable and professional service and support.

SKS Konstruction Supply, Inc.Many of today’s construction sites require retaining walls.  Traditional choices such as cast-in-place concrete walls, sheet piling walls, timber walls and natural stone walls are either too expensive, unattractive or have limited durability.  Service Konstruction Supply can provide you with an attractive, cost effective and structurally sound option.  Whether you have a limited budget or require a high end solution, we have you covered.

Focus on outdoor living environments is becoming very important.  Architects, engineers and contractors desire to make better use of patio, sidewalk and drive areas.  Increasingly, clients are using concrete pavers and slabs as a way to meet this need.  Service Konstruction Supply carries a wide range of paving options.  If you are looking for a basic concrete paver or require the look of quarried paver slabs, call us, we’ll have what you’re looking for.

Service Konstruction Supply’s experienced staff will provide fast and effective answers.  Our in house Licensed Professional Engineer can address difficult technical applications and provide preliminary engineering assistance.  Our staff’s field expertise is able to assist with installation questions.  From project beginning to project end, Service Konstruction Supply is ready to serve you.