Retaining Wall System

The Pinnacle retaining wall unit is the state of the art in segmental retaining wall technology.  With its one square foot face area and light weight, walls are easy to design and install.  Pinnacle will meet your needs, from small landscape to large structural retaining wall applications.  The Pinnacle system provides outstanding aesthetics with its classic lines and rugged stone texture.  Whether your building a small gravity wall or a massive geogrid reinforced retaining wall, Pinnacle is your solution for an attractive, durable, cost effective grade separation product.  Installation with the Pinnacle system is extremely efficient and easy.  The Pinnacle Systems innovative PAC alignment clip provides an automatic wall setback, while allowing inside and outside curves to be easily constructed.

The open core design and PAC clip technology utilized by Pinnacle, allows the wall components; i.e. Pinnacle unit, PAC clip, geogrid reinforcement and drainage core fill to create a structurally secure wall system.