SKS Technical Services

Retaining wall and paving projects are often technically challenging.  For more than 20 years Service Konstruction Supply has worked with engineers, architects and contractors to assist in determining the best retaining wall and paver materials to use for a particular application.  If you have a technical question or concern regarding your retaining wall or paver project, we’re just a phone call away.  Our staff, which includes a licensed professional engineer, can help.

Service Konstruction SupplyContractors, if you need preliminary engineering assistance, call us!  Our proprietary software programs and tools allow Service Konstruction Supply to accurately determine the required wall heights, geogrid layers and lengths, and material quantities quickly and efficiently.  We will even provide preliminary wall sections and elevations to assist with your estimating and bidding process.  All retaining wall and paver material estimates are performed locally, in-house; so the information can be provided to you as soon as possible.  If final engineering signed by a Licensed Structural Engineer is required, we can obtain this fee based service for you.